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You may be thinking, as I did, why another sound company? Why did I leave the company I worked with for 14 years and strike out on my own?  Let’s face it there are quite a few sound companies out there, and many of them do a good job.  Well simply put, I realized there was a need.  I saw a need for a company whose sole goal was to satisfy the customer with no hidden agenda. For example, if you need a microphone, do you get one that really works for your application rather than one that has some extra incentive for the salesman or company?  Or is it an item on the shelf that needs to move? I’ve seen this happen.  I know how it works.

The goal at Shenk Audio Design is to have customers pleased with their equipment a long time after the sale is finished. For that reason Shenk Audio will not attempt to be everything to everybody. As you can see on the website, Shenk Audio doesn’t carry many manufactures; however products are current and up to date.  When Shenk Audio recommends a piece of equipment the customer can be confident that real “out in the field experience” is behind the recommendation. For Shenk Audio, excellence is the only option.  If a customer walks away thinking they could have done better, Shenk Audio did not do their job!

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