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I’m sure you’re thinking where you are going with this! Well, let me explain. We have five cats in our home, and as one who was never a big cat person, that’s hard to admit, but I have grown accustom to them. A while ago as I was watching TV, Tux, our male cat, was sitting on my lap as usual but this night I observed him a bit more than normal. It is interesting how a cat can look so relaxed and yet be totally aware of what’s going on around them.  And that is the key point. 


If you are a part of a church sound team or mixing in your local school or even hired to mix for a band, you need to be like a cat. Many times I’ve seen the person behind the console checking their phones, looking at the laptop or even talking on the phone.  Some even leave the area!   These are the times when someone will walk up to a microphone on the stage, and it is not on or feedback starts and you are not prepared.  You need a few extra seconds to find the source because you were distracted. Folks we need to stay focused! I know it’s hard when you’ve been out late the night before and worship team rehearsal is at 7:00 AM, but especially in ministry those few seconds of distraction can mean someone may miss a point they need to hear or lose their interest for the rest of the service. So even if you don’t like cats, try to be like one when you’re behind the mixer!


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